Corona virus vaccination update January 2021

Friday, 22 January 2021

Corona virus vaccination update January 2021
  • Vaccinations in Granta Medical Practices (GMP) have started at the vaccination centre at Sawston Medical Centre.
  • Vaccinations are being carried out in accordance with the NHS Priority List starting with the over 80s age group, front line health workers and those in care homes, then the over 70s and the extremely vulnerable.
  • Supplies of the vaccine are allocated by NHS England and distributed to vaccination centres via the Clinical Commissioning Group. 
  • Patients registered with GMP will be invited for vaccination via text, phone call or email. Patients with no access to these means of communication will receive a letter in the post.  You will be asked to choose a date and time for vaccination from those offered. 
  • Please do not contact your surgery for information concerning your vaccination.
  • All patients registered with Linton, Sawston, Shelford, Barley and Market Hill Royston surgeries will be vaccinated at Sawston Medical Centre. 
  • Vaccinations are being carried out by Granta Medical Practices staff and  trained volunteers.
  • Wear warm clothing in case you have to queue.
  • If residents need help with transport to their vaccination please contact: 
               Helping Hands 01223 891746
  • Please note that after vaccination you must still abide by government restrictions on movement and meeting others. 

Last updated on 22 January 2021.