Meeting July 2019

The  next meeting of Little Abington Parish Council  will be in the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington on Monday 22 July,2019 starting  at 7:15pm. 

Press and public are welcome to attend.They may address the Council in public participation time.

The agenda and meeting papers can be accessesd via the links (in blue) below

NOTE.  Accounts and Audit Regulations. Files will be available for inspection before the meeting. 

Genevieve Dalton, Clerk
tel 07703 486562


1. Apologies for absence. Mr Allum, Cllr J Batchelor
2. Minutes of last meeting. (att) To approve minutes of the meeting held on 24 June 2019
3. Matters arising not on the agenda  (att)
For information only
4. Members’ declaration of interests for items on the agenda
5. . Public participation
6. To receive report from Cllrs Batchelor (CCC and SCDC ) (att)
7.   Planning  See
7.1 Planning applications: 
• S/2336/19/FL 31A Cambridge Rd, Single storey front porch extension & alterations
7.2 SCDC Planning decisions and amendments (for information): 
• S/1388/19/FL Bancroft Farm- withdrawn 
• S/1749/19/FL. 20 Church Lane - Agreed by SCDC. 
7.3 Local Developments
• ARCC Innovation Centre  exhibition 11 July
• New Local development Plan -feedback from workshop on 17 July 
Greater Cambridge Local Planning update (att)
• Fighting Funds. To agree LAPC response to requests for contributions to “fighting funds” against local planning proposals . e.g Uttlesford Garden Village (£3000),  GCP strategy 1 - local routes 
8.Highways and traffic
• Greater Cambridge Partnership
- Whittlesford Parkway improvements – LAPC’s response to consultation 
• Local Highways  Improvements - Review public input and consider proposals for a bid.(att) 
Moveable signs (att)
9. Village Environment/ community engagement
• Litter bin for top Bourn Bridge Rd- To agree if bin should be requested  from SCDC . Installation £360 + weekly emptying fee £3.00
Litter CIS project report (Att)
• Access to Granta Park update and next steps
• Granta Park Noise update 
10   Finance and compliance
     10.1 Receipts  Nil
     10.2 Payments
        To agree the following payments. 
AJ King Maintenance  July & August contract SO               VAT £171.54     £ 1029.20
Mrs G Dalton  Clerk salary (July)  £ 294.62
Web site hosting fee £ 40.31
Abington Institute - room hire  5 meetings  £ 60.00
Cambs County Council PFLHI                                                 VAT 648.15 £ 3888.91

Mrs G Dalton Clerk expenses 

Training for Tree Wardens 2 places 

£ 50.49


S Pattinson travel. SCDC Cabinet Liaison meeting 

Friends of Roman Rd and Fleam Dyke 

£ 8.80


TOTAL £ 5602.33
  10.3 Q1 Finance Report:  Balances, exenditure and report against  budget plan ytd
  10.4 Compliance
Freedom of Information guidelines (Att)  To review draft & agree approach to FOI 
    publication scheme
    ICO guidance
11.  Meetings /representation
• Feedback from meetings attended by LAPC reps not elsewhere on agenda. CAPALC Annual Conference (Clerk/SB), A1307 Parishes Forum (SB/PB), SCDC Cabinet Liaison meeting (SP)
• LAPC/GAPC Liaison meeting date, agenda and representation. 
• LAPC representation at forthcoming meetings., Meeting with Highways w/c 12 Aug , Came & Co insurance visit 23 July, A1307/A1301 Parish Councils 24 July, Tree Wardens training 15 Aug
12. To receive minutes from committees  
12.1  Institute Management Committee 
12.2  Recreation Ground Committee
13. To receive reports from representatives. 
13.1  Village maintenance 
13.2. Lights, roads and pavements 
13.3. Trees
13.4  Police. 
14.Correspondence. For information only 
15 Any Other Business/Items for next agenda
• Action list/ Carry forward items 
• Items for village newsletter
Next meetings:
Monday 9 September 2019 at 7:15pm 
Monday 28 October 2019 at 7:15pm
Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington