Meeting May 2019

The next meeting of Little Abington Parish Council will be  the Annual Meeting of the  Parish Council in the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington on Monday 20 May, 2019 starting at 7:15pm. The agenda can be accessed via the links ( in blue ) below . 
Members of the public and press may address the Council in public participation time.
Please contact for Clerk for further information.
Genevieve Dalton
1. Election of Chairman
2. Parish Council membership
  •  Chairman Acceptance of Office
  • Updates to Register of Interests
3. Apologies for absence. Mr P Brunning, Dr R Smith
4. Election of Vice Chairman
5. To sign and approve minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 29 April 2019 (att)
6. Matters arising not on the agenda (Action list att) 
For information only
7. Members’ declaration of interests for items on the agenda
8. Public participation
9. Parish Council Committees/working groups, terms of reference and membership  
Planning Committee (ToR att)     updated
• Compliance Working Group (3 reps + Clerk) (ToR att)  updated
• Abington Recreation Ground Committee (3 reps  (ToR att))
• Committee for Abington Housing (3 reps) (ToR att)
10. Non Parish Council committees - terms of reference, LAPC representation 
• Institute Management Committee (1 rep)
• A1307 Local Liaison Forum (2 reps) (ToR att)
• A1307 Parishes Forum (1 rep)
11. Councillors’ responsibilities
• Village Maintenance
• Trees
• Lights, roads, pavements,paths
• Police 
• Health & wellbeing 
• Speedwatch coordination
• Public engagement: Web site/communication
12. Review of policies (all att)
• Standing Orders.  
• Financial Regulations  
• Complaints
• Media
• Training
• Equal Opportunities
• Public Engagement  updated
• Allowances
13. Risk Management: 
Review of assets – asset register (att). Verbal summary of inspection April 2019 (Clerk) 
• Risk Register April 2019 update (Clerk) 
• Insurance arrangements
14. Finance 
14.1 Receipts.   Nil
14.2 Payments
        To agree the following payments
Mrs G Dalton Clerk  (May)  £  287.14
J King  - village maintenance   May (SO)                 VAT £185.77  £  514.60 
Abington Recreation Ground Committee -  50% of annual grant £ 1378.00
Total  £ 2179.74
14.3 Finance Report: balances (Att)     AND Updated DRAFT accounts 
14.4 Recommendations from Compliance Working Group (att) 
15. Planning
15.1 Planning applications:
• S/4099/17/OLLand east of A1301, south of A505, near Hinxton and west of A1301, north of A505 near Whittlesford. Agritech Technology Park.  Appeal APP/W0530/W/18/3210008. ,. Updates to outline planning application for development of an AgriTech technology park comprising up to 112,000 sqm (gross) employment floorspace, supporting infrastructure, amenities and landscape works including publicly accessible informal open space, enhancements to parkland; vehicle and cycle parking; service areas; bus / cycle interchange on land west of the A1301 / north of A505; and infrastructure works including new vehicular accesses, highway improvement works, pedestrian and cycle links with bridge crossings over A1301 / A505 and River Cam, site re-profiling, drainage works, foul and water pumping stations and primary electricity sub station; telecommunications infrastructure and other associated works. ( LAPC response 2018 att) 
15.2 Planning decisions, updates and amendments (for information): 
• Restaurants Fourwentways- planning conditions
15.3 Local developments/ planning issues.
  • Comfort  Cafe site 
16. Highways and traffic/ Village Environment/ community engagement
• Condition of road surfaces.
• Granta Park access 
• Granta Park noise  
• Litter  
• Footpaths
17. Meetings /representation
• Feedback from meetings attended by LAPC reps not elsewhere on agenda:
- Genome Campus 1 May  PB
- A1307 LLF 7 May PB,VVA
• LAPC representation at forthcoming meetings
- A1307  LLF  4 June PB
- CAPALC Annual Conference 28 June Clerk 
• Agenda items for GAPC/LAPC Liaison meeting. Date and reps TBC
• 2019-20 LAPC meeting schedule ( September meeting date) 
18. To receive report District and County Councillors 
19. To receive reports from committees 
19.1  Institute Management Committee 
19.2  Recreation Ground Committee (mins March 2019 att)
19.3  Committee for Abington Housing
20. To receive reports from representatives
20.1  Village maintenance 
20.2. Lights, roads and pavements 
20.3. Trees
20.4  Police
21. Correspondence 
For information only
22. Any Other Business/Items for next agenda
• Carry Forward –  Annual report, Follow up from Annual Parish Meeting, 2019-20 priorities   
• Items for village newsletter
Next meetings:
Monday 24 June 2019 at 7:15pm
Monday 22 July 2019 at 7:15pm 
Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington  / tel 07703 486562