Meeting October 2019

The  next meeting of Little Abington Parish Council will  in the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington on Monday 28 October 2019  starting at 7:15pm.   The agenda and meeting papers can be accessed using the links (in blue)  below

Members of the public and press may address the Council in public participation time


1. Apologies for absence.   Ms Pattinson, Cllrs John and Henry Batchelor
2. Minutes of last meeting. (att) To approve minutes of the meeting held on  9 Sept 2019
3. Matters arising not on the agenda  (att) For information only
4. Members’ declaration of interests for items on the agenda
5. Public participation
6. To receive report from Cllrs Batchelor (CCC and SCDC ) (att)
7.   Planning  See
7.1 Planning applications:  Nil 
7.2 SCDC Planning decisions and amendments (for information): 
• S/4329/18/OL  Genome Campus, Hinxton.  update
7.3 Local Developments
• Uttlesford Local Development Plan - update if any. 
• New Local Development Plan – update if any
• Greater Cambridge Local Planning - update (att)
8.Highways and traffic
• Greater Cambridge Partnership – to agree LAPC’s response to public consultation on the GCP Cambridge South East Better Public Transport proposals
9. Village Environment/ community engagement
• Fourwentways. Update from SCDC Enforcement Team
Street lighting - (att) PCs taking responsibility for street lighting costs; SCDC upgrades
• Zero Carbon Fund -  e- bikes joint bid with GAPC.  Update and to agree contribution (£700)
• Litter pick equipment (f/up from Liaison Group meeting) SB
• Footpath behind West Field update and agreement
• Granta Park Noise update 
• Bonfires
10   Finance and compliance
     10.1 Receipts  
SCDC Q3,4 Precept  £      8750.00
     10.2 Payments To agree the following payments.
Contribution to Uttlesford fighting fund £           500.00
AJ King Maintenance   SO October                        VAT £85.77 £           514.60 
Mrs G Dalton  Clerk salary October  £           294.62   
Mrs G Dalton  Clerk expenses Q2  £           80.43
Abington Institute Room hire £           36.00
Bridge inspection (CCC will reimburse)                    VAT 10.80 £           64.80
TSO Host Website Domain Renewal                          VAT 4.79 £           28.75
ARGC 50%  2019-20 grant £       1378.00
TOTAL £       2897.20
10.3 Half year finance report:  Balances, expenditure  and report against budget plan ytd
10.4 Compliance
• Compliance Working Group Summary and recommendations from CWG meeting 
Financial Regulations  To agree updated regs based on new national model 
10.5 Budget planning 2020-2121
Precept letter - to note content of letter and deadlines
• Draft  2020-21 budget plan - to review draft budget plan
10.6 Risk Management  
• Updated risk register,
11.  Meetings /representation
• Feedback from meetings attended by LAPC reps not elsewhere on agenda. Local Plan Workshop 28 Sept, SCDC Planning Forum 25 Sept. TWI noise 9 October (SB), Southern Cluster 15 October (RA), Greenways 16 October (PB)
• LAPC representation at forthcoming meetings.  Police & Crime Commissioner(2) Tues 5 Nov; Cambs Local Councils Conference Fri 8 Nov (Clerk); Heidi Allen bus trip TBC; Combined Parishes Tues 26 Nov (Chairman +1)
12. To receive minutes from committees  
12.1  Institute Management Committee (att)
12.2  Recreation Ground Committee 
13. To receive reports from representatives. 
13.1  Village maintenance 
13.2. Lights, roads and pavements 
13.3. Trees - new risks
13.4  Police. Questions to the Police & Crime Commissioner.  Deadline 29 October
14.Correspondence For information only 
15 Any Other Business/Items for next agenda
• Action list/ Carry forward items 
• Items for village newsletter
Next meetings:
Monday 25 November 2019 at 7:15 pm
Monday 27 January 2020 at 7:15pm
Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington