Meeting September 2021


The next meeting of Little Abington Parish Council will be held in the Terrace Room  in the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington on Monday 13 September 2021 at 7:15pm 

The agenda  will be published on this website and on the Parish council noticeboard on the corner of Church Lane and the High Street . Meeting papers will be published  on this website. (see links in blue)

Members of the public and press are able to attend in person to address the Council in public participation time and to observe the meeting . 

Local public health guidelines will apply.

Genevieve Dalton 

Chair Mrs S Bolden
1. Apologies for absence. 
2. To sign and approve minutes 
Parish Council meeting held on 26 July 2021 (att)
Planning Committee meeting held on 3 August 2021 (att) 
3. Matters arising not on the agenda (Action list att) 
For information only
4. Members’ declaration of interests for items on the agenda
5. Public participation
6. Report from local councillors - Cllr John Batchelor, Cllr Henry Batchelor (Att)
• South Cambridgeshire District Council 
• Cambridgeshire County Council  
7. Planning
7.1 Planning applications: 
• 21/03908/S73. 43 Church Lane, Little Abington.  Variation of condition 2 (Occupation) of planning permission SC/52/126: 
• 21/03822/FUL. Site 1, Granta Park. R&D building with car park, landscaping & infrastructure 
• 21/03696/FUL Shell PFS Fourwentways. Formation 3 No additional electrical vehicle charge bays with associated equipment compound and electrical substation
Tree applications for info only. 29 Cambridge Rd, 43 Cambridge Rd.
7.2 Planning decisions, updates and amendments (for information): 
• 21/03070/HFUL 15 Bourn Bridge Road. Approved by SCDC
7.3 Local developments/ planning issues.
• ACV Sluice Wood - update 
• South Cambs Local Plan Local sites
• Greater Cambridge Biodiversity SPD Consultation closes 17 September 
• Uttlesford Local Plan
Oxford Cambridge Arc Briefing. (Att) Consultation closes 12 October
8. Finance and Compliance  (Clerk)
8.1 Receipts.
SCDC COVID Grant  £ 200.00
Cambs County Council Grass cutting  £ 506.44
TOTAL £ 706.44
8.2 Payments
      To agree the following payments
Mrs G Dalton Clerk (SO) September  £  301.78
Brookfield contracting –(SO)  September                           VAT £85.00  £  510.00
Dr R Smith Noticeboard repairs  £    19.00
HMRC PAYE Q2   due October                                            Estimate  £  226.40
Insurance policy renewal due 30 September                       Maximum  £  585.74
CAPALC Cllr Training - S Bolden   £   75.00
EON Streetlighting           account in credit                                                    £     0.00
Total  £ 1727.92
8.3 Finance Report: balances (Att) 
8.4 Insurance policy renewal (Att)  
Details of policie
8.5 Report from Compliance Working Group (IS/Clerk)
8.6 Clerk recruitment and succession plan (att) (SB) 
9.Highways and traffic
• Highways Officer visit 6 September (RS/RA/VVA)
• Double yellow lines at Fourwentways. Update (SB)
• Local Highways Improvement bid. Application if any
10. Village Environment/ community engagement
• CCC Innovate and Cultivate fund – Community Shed (SP)
• Working with the Papworth Trust - update
• Allocation of SCDC COVID Grant (RS)
• Natural Cambridgeshire Small Project Funding-Follow up if any
11.Meetings /representation
• Feedback from meetings attended by LAPC reps not elsewhere on agenda:
- GAPC/LAPC Liaison group 8 Sept  -feedback and recommendations (SB)
• LAPC representation at forthcoming meetings 
- CAPALC Annual Conference -17 September 
- SCDC Planning patch meeting -4 October RS
- NALC Biodiversity - 27 October  IS
12 To receive reports from committees 
12.1 Institute Management Committee (RS)
12.2 Recreation Ground Committee (PB)
12.3 Report from GAPC/LAPC Liaison meeting and follow up and recommendations (SB)
13. To receive reports from representatives
13.1  Village maintenance  (RA)
13.2. Lights, roads and pavements  (VVA,RS)
13.3. Trees (IS/RS)
13.4  Police (SP) police priorities survey 
14 Correspondence 
For information only
15 Any Other Business/Items for next agenda
• Carry Forward
• Items for village newsletter
Next meetings:
Monday 25 October 2021 at 7:15pm
Monday 22 November 2021 at 7:15pm
Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington