The parish council is consulted about planning applications for development in the parish and in nearby Granta Park, which is in Great Abington. These applications are usually considered at the parish council's monthly meetings (q.v.) but it is occasionally necessary to convene a separate planning meeting. The parish council makes recommendations to South Cambs District Coucil, which is the planning authority.

South Cambs District Council maintains a database of planning applications on its website. From this, you can find details of applications, plans and decisions by picking ""View a planning application". A search facility enables you to locate at least some details of applications dating back many years and full details for several years. This can also be found here:

For example, to locate recent applications in Little Abington, pick "Search For a Planning Application"; choose "Little Abington CP" and a suitable "Date Registered From" and then press Search. This will give a list of applications, from which you can choose one to study by clicking its reference number.

A page will open for the application with a description of the proposed development, details of the applicant and a tabbed section for further information: Applicant & Agent Details; Decision & Publicity; Plans & Docs; Appeal Details; Map Details.

South Cambridgeshire District Council  (SCDC) is developing its Local  Development Plan (LDP).

The  Plan includes the proposals that local residents were consulted on in 2013. See documents in the side bar.  

More details about the draft LDP can be found on the SCDC website  

Committee for Abington Housing

Meeting notices and papers including meeting notes can be found on the web page for the Committee for Abington Housing 

The next  Little Abington Planning Committee Meeting will be on Monday 14 August in the Abington Institute starting at 6:30 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The agenda  and papers can be accessed via the links below

SCDC Planning Website :
1. Apologies for absence: Mr Ellis,
2. Declaration of Interests
3. Public participation
4.S/2617/17/FL  Beech Tree Cottage, Hildersham Road, Little Abington
Demolition of gable and bay window to form a contemporary ground floor lounge extension
5. S/2547/17/FL  2 Church Lane, Little Abington
Combine kitchen and dining room and construct a single storey extension. Remove gates from front drive. Reposition oil tank and adjust off road parking space.
6. Planning decisions made by SCDC
7. Response to consultation on Uttlesford Draft Local Plan
8. Planning appeal.  APP/W0530/W/17/3179762
Re: S/0096/17/OL Agricultural land north east of Back Road, Linton
Outline planning application for the erection of up to 95 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point from Back Road. All matters reserved except for means of access.
9. Access issues. Sluice wood
10. Any other Business