The Partridge Group - men's discussion group

The group, open to any man who can drink beer (or other beverage) and talk religion at the same time, meets in the Three Tuns public house in Abington on Wednesday evenings, in January and February. To find the Three Tuns, use postcode CB21 6AB.

The group moves to the Abington Institute opposite for the exploration and free discussion of aspects of the Christian (or other) faith. 
We have another exciting programme for 2019.
Please keep Wednesday evenings free from 16th January to 20th February inclusive.
Talks start at 8:00 pm in the Institute in the Terrace (back of building). 

2019 PROGRAMME (subject to change!)

First session moved to 20/02/2019.
Matt Bothwell
Institute of Astronomy,
University of Cambridge
“Big bangs and big rips — a history of 20th century cosmology”
The 20th Century saw an unprecedented transformation in our understanding of the Universe.  I will talk about the discoveries and debates that defined the birth of modern cosmology.
Geoff Harvey
District Councillor, Balsham
Whither politics?
Where will the next generation of politicians come from? Can they match up to the standards set by our elder statesmen?
Prof. J.G. Daugman
Professor of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,
University of Cambridge
“Artificial Intelligence and Personal Identity”
Brains and computers have been metaphors for each other since the middle of the last century.
Recent developments of seriously competent Artificial Intelligence have recalled for some an older spectre of the Cyborg, with its dark undertones: in Mary Shelley's gothic novel, the creature says to Dr Frankenstein: "You are my creator.  But I am your master." 
This talk aims to explore various aspects of personal identity in the new age of AI.
Revd Iain McColl
Priest-in-Charge (Rector Designate) of the Granta Vale group
Our new (in April 2018) vicar, Iain, will speak about the motivation for his transition from Corporate Lawyer to Priest-in-Charge of seven Parish Churches, including those of Great and Little Abington and Hildersham.
Alexander Massman
Faculty of Divinity
University of Cambridge
Faith and Evolution
Revd Prof. Alasdair Coles
Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge
What can we learn about spirituality from epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease?
Please feel free to contact the organisers with any offers or suggestions for future speakers...

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