The Partridge Group - men's discussion group

The group, open to any man who can drink beer (or other beverage) and talk religion at the same time, meets in the Three Tuns public house in Abington on Wednesday evenings, in January and February. To find the Three Tuns, use postcode CB21 6AB.

The group moves to the Abington Institute opposite for the exploration and free discussion of aspects of the Christian (or other) faith. 
We have another exciting programme for 2020 - see below for details.
Please keep Wednesday evenings free from 8th January to 12th February inclusive.
Talks start at 8:00 pm at the Institute in the Terrace room (back of building). 
Topic (link to summary where available)
Ben Bowers
PhD Student / Queen's Nurse
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
University of Cambridge 
The use of drugs in end-of-life care
Professor David Page
Professor Emeritus in Ancient History & Classics (Roman History and Latin)
The Romans - what can we learn from them?
Professor Ian G Roberts
Language Sciences,
University of Cambridge
Six Languages that changed the world (Summary)
Part of a larger project (The History of Ideas in 60 Languages), which aims to show how different languages and cultures have contributed in different ways to human civilisation over the centuries.
Matt Bothwell
Institute of Astronomy,
University of Cambridge
"Life on other planets?"
The discovery of planets orbiting other stars was one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century. In this talk, Matt will discuss the search for these ‘exoplanets’, the quest to understand their properties, and the implications for one of the most important questions of all — whether we are alone in the Universe.
Rev. Dr Mark Smith
Dean of Clare College,
University of Cambridge
Students’ views on Christianity in a rapidly changing, and indeed challenging, world
Led by Barry Brooks, and based on a U3AC course on ‘The Implications of AI’
by Alastair Breward
What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?
The Social and Ethical implications of various forms of ‘Artificial Intelligence’…and the challenges we may face.
Please feel free to contact the organisers with any offers or suggestions for future speakers...

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