The Partridge Group - men's discussion group

The group, open to any man who can drink beer (or other beverage) and talk religion at the same time, meets in the Three Tuns public house in Abington on Wednesday evenings, in January and February.

The group moves to the Abington Institute opposite for the exploration and free discussion of aspects of the Christian (or other) faith.
Pleaser keep Wednesday evenings free from 10th January to 21st February 2018 inclusive!
We are now filling out another exciting programme, with an external visit on one Wednesday evening.
Dr Ron Zimmern,
PHG Foundation
"Genetic Testing and its Ethical and Policy Implications."
Matthew Bothwell,
Outreach Astronomer and Cosmologist,
Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy
"From Big Bangs to Big Rips: a history of modern cosmology"
During the early decades of the 20th century, a series of observations came together to utterly transform our understanding of the Universe’s origins and behaviour. I will talk about the discoveries and debates that defined the birth of modern cosmology.
Simon Stott & Mercy Danga,
John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair,
University of Cambridge
"Helping the brain to repair itself"
Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy,
Madingley Road 
Cambridge, CB3 0HA
As a change to the usual pattern, we plan a visit to the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge for their regular talk and, weather permitting, using the observatory.
Details of topic and logistics to be advised.
Rev. Dr Julie Norris
Formerly Vicar of Abington
Christian Ethics - the theology and ethics of using genetically modified pig hearts for human transplants.
John Turner,
British Antarctic Survey
Madingley Road Cambridge
Climate change - what are we to believe in this time of 'fake news' - what are the 'facts' and should we really be worried?
Please feel free to contact the organisers with any offers or suggestions for future speakers...

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