Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan for the former Land Settlement Association’s Estate at Great Abington
The Independent Examiners report has been published
Independent Examiners report 
The next stage is the referendum, which should take place in December. The date will be advertised through the Parish Magazine as well as on this webpage
The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) on February 22nd 2018.
Submission Documents:
  1. Submission Neighbourhood Plan*
  2. The Consultation Statement
  3. The Basic Conditions Statement
  4. The SEA/HRA screening determination

Supporting Evidence:

  1. Evidence document on dwelling sizes
  2. Transport Statement*
  3. Character Assessment
  4. Health Check Report of the Pre-Submission Plan
* Please note the two documents with an * are too large to be hosted on these web pages and can be accessed through 
How it started
In early 2016 GT. Abington Parish Council held an open meeting to gain feedback on a consultation paper which proposed the development of a special planning policy for the former Land Settlement Association estate. The meeting voted in favour of the initiative and a Parish Council Working Group was established to progress the work.
The Parish Council then sought feedback from South Cambs District Council (SCDC) on the development of a policy. SCDC were in favour of the development of a neighbourhood plan (NP) and have supported its development.
Past Progress
On March 31st 2017 a consultation event was held at the village institute. At this event the character assessment and draft policy document were available for all attending to take away with a feedback form. 
The feedback from the consultation event was collated and changes were made to both documents, where possible, to reflect the views expressed.
The emerging new documents have also been shared with South Cambs District Council (SCDC) to ensure the relevant planning people have been able to comment.
We thank you for the input you have provided on the plan at previous stages of development in particular in April this year.
The responses received to that consultation have been carefully considered along with comments from South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC). The NP has now been redrafted in light of those comments made.
The Neighbourhood Plan reached pre submission stage and a formal consultation was held as required by Government regulations. The consultation ran from July 24th to September 18th 2017. 
The Neighbourhood Plan , together with the Character Assessment which supports it, were widely distributed within the NP area. 
Comments were collected through on line and paper based feedback with another consulation event being held at the village institute on Friday 8th September, from 2.30pm until 7.00pm
The Consultation Statement
The Basic Conditions Statement
The SEA/HRA screening determination
Submission Consultation
SCDC  Monday 5 March and 5pm on Monday 16 April 2018.
To view the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents and to find detailed information on how to make comments, visit:
During the consultation, you can view the Neighbourhood Plan, and its supporting documents, at SCDC’s offices in Cambourne or at the Abington Village Institute, High Street, Great Abington.