Little Abington Annual Parish Meeting 25th April

Clerk:   Jessica Ashbridge                                                                                Tel: 07779 277647
             13 The Green                                                                                      email:              Weston Colville
            CB21 5NT
Monday 25th April 2022 at 8.00 pm
In the Abington Institute, High Street, Great Abington
NOTE:  This agenda and associated meeting papers can be found on the Parish Council website.
Time is allowed throughout the meeting for public participation and discussion meetings-april-2022
1.         Apologies for absence:
2.         To sign and approve minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on 26th April 2021 via Zoom
3.         Chairman’s report – Sheila Bolden
4.         To thank Peter Brunning for long service to Parish Council
5.         Reports from Parish Council Committees and joint Committees
  • LAPC Planning Committee – Suzanne Pattinson
  • Recreations Ground Committee (Joint) – Richard Allum
  • Institute Management Committee (LAPC represented)  -  Richard Smith
6.         Annual Report from District Councillor – Cllrs John & Henry Batchelor
7.         Annual Report from County Councillor – Cllr John Batchelor
8.         Parish Council Website -  Report from Isobel Smith
9.         Linton Greenway – To present drawings of the GCP proposals
10.       Papworth Trust – To receive a presentation from Dan Eaton
11.       Abington Woods – To receive a presentation from Deborah James
12.       Parish Nurse – To receive presentation from Kim Cox
13.       Topics/Priorities – Public Discussion Time ....
  • Fourwentways
  • Footpaths
  • Highways & Traffic – A1307 Hildersham Crossing, speeding and road safety
  • Litter
  • Parish Council priorities for the coming year
14.       Any Other Business 
Sheila Bolden Chairman to Little Abington Parish Council