Granta Park Access - Changes in Autumn 2017

Abington residents have had permissive access to Granta Park since its inception. The parish councils were advised by TWI on 18th May 2017 that, following some serious breaches of security, changes were required. Accordingly access gates requiring an access code were installed around the end of July at all pedestrian access points apart from the one from Bourn Bridge Road fields, over the bridge, which was closed off. See plan.

An announcement was made in the June village magazine and two public meetings have since taken place. Requests to allow continued access by village residents using these entrances, which are convenient for walkers and cyclists, have so far met with refusal, and all access by visitors must be by the front gate. Its location on a busy road is about 2 km from the village and particualrly inconvenient for Great Abington residents as the obvious route is along Pampisford Road, which has no footway for most of its length.

There are three landowners involved with these changes: the two partners in Granta Park, TWI and BioMed Realty, and Bancroft Park Farm on the north bank of the river. Statements from all three were made at the meeting on 5th September.

There were difficulties in September sorting out the details for access but these should now be resolved, after a meeting between BioMed Realty and TWI on 10th October. Any further progress will be noted as News items, and this page updated occasionally.