School Buildings Get Attention They Deserve

Saturday, 1 June 2013

When Linton Village College first opened in 1937 it was equipped with a number of contemporary features which included metal Crittall windows. The windows were a revelation. The ones surrounding the bowling green were hinged to fold out, allowing children to spill out onto the steps underneath. They brought a sense of light and space to the classrooms, something previously unheard of in school design. This feature really suited the rural children of our villages who enjoyed the outdoors and fresh air. As the years passed, the windows rusted, hinges became broken, the paint peeled away and attempts to patch them up resulted in fused doors and unworkable fittings. When I became Principal, the windows were a source of annoyance: they had been listed, they were in poor repair, rooms were draughty in the winter, hot in the summer and the peeling paintwork was an eyesore. It would cost half a million pounds to replace them ‘like for like’ (a condition of the listing) and that was simply not affordable. Once the new building work was completed in 2011, we had the frames meticulously filled and painted, so at least they did not look so dreadful, but the practical flaws have remained.

Imagine my delight, therefore, when the opportunity to submit a bid to the government for their replacement arrived along with our academy conversion. Last month we were successful in that bid and LVC is now able to replace the Crittall windows with functioning ones which will look exactly as they did in 1937. We have also been successful in our bid for money to replace all of the flat roofs across the building. Those of you who have ever had to manage flat roofing will know how useful that will be. Following that, we will re-plaster and refurbish the hall with the money raised by The Friends of Linton Village College. It will be lovely to see the old building get the attention it deserves, once more.

Last updated on 02 June 2013.