Abington Scout Camp Site - September 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The parish council discussed the camp site in an additional meeting on 27th August. In particular, it reviewed progress and the possible options for a community bid,  ensuring it is maintained as an open space for community benefit. These include:

  • Purchase using grant funding (see 'expression of interest') or a loan
  • Acquiring the ‘open space’ only by working with a developer
  • Working with a third party with an interest in retaining the educational and leisure use
Since then, the Scouts County Executtve Committee has cleared the site of much of its equipment and put it back on the market at the beginning of September, with a closing date of 30th September for bids. They hope to achieve exchange of contracts straight after the moratorium (due its community asset status) ends on 9th November. 
The Friends of Abington Camp Site have written to the Haverhill Echo

Last updated on 16 September 2013.