Shoal Project - Abington Recreation Ground

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A gravel shoal was created in the river, just a short way upstream of the Millennium fortbridge, on Thursday 21 August. This enhances a natural feature and makes the river more accessible while improving the environment for wildlife. It was designed with help from the South Cambs Ecology Officer and the Wildlife Trust; approval was obtained from the Environment Agency.

The project was initiated by the Recreation Ground Committee and sponsored by Cambridge Water, who supplied a machine and operator; by South Cambridgeshire District Council, who supplied gravel; and by Rivercare who equipped volunteers with waders. CW and SCDC were on hand to supervise operations and local volunteers, mostly the RiverCare stalwarts, assisted by shovelling and raking. The work took most of the day, though some time was spent waiting for gravel lorries! 

At the moment the gravel looks quite bare but we will be scattering some seed on it - the plants will help to stabilise it. We hope that it will soon mellow and bed in and the natural processes will blend it into the river environment. Please note that the remaining channel in that section is quite deep - it's not a beach for paddling!

Cambridge Water issued a press release. Reports were made on local radio and the BBC's 'Look East'. Press reports are in Cambridge News and Haverhill Echo.

Last updated on 01 September 2014.