Monday, 3 April 2017

Every year the Parish Council has complaints about bonfires. This year is no exception!
This information explains the law and gives some suggestions to help prevent a nuisance being caused.

Under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 offenders can be taken to court if their bonfires cause a nuisance to neighbours (i.e. have an unreasonable effect on their enjoyment of their home or garden). Fines can be as high as £20,000.  If you make a complaint you may be asked to keep a diary of events to help investigations.
Fire  DO YOU NEED to have a bonfire? Could the waste be taken to the rubbish tip, placed in your green bin or composted?
Please note these recommendations:
Fire DO NOT light a bonfire when neighbours have washing drying, they are out enjoying their gardens or have windows open.
Fire DO NOT light bonfires one hour before dusk, or leave them burning overnight. Choose the time of day and weather conditions that will cause the least inconvenience to neighbours.
Fire Tell your nearest neighbours before you light a bonfire so they can be prepared for any minor inconvenience that may arise
Fire DO NOT burn damp grass clippings or 'green' material as this creates thick smoke.
Fire DO NOT burn oily rags, rubber, plastics, or other materials that could create heavy smoke or toxic fumes.
Fire DO NOT leave your fire to smoulder for long periods.
Fire Burn material quickly in small quantities so the minimum amount of smoke is created. An incinerator makes this easier.
Fire Choose your site carefully, away from trees, fences and windows. Have a hose-pipe and buckets of water handy for emergencies.

Last updated on 03 April 2017.