Latest news on Granta Park and Sluice Wood fences and gates - and a request for calm!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

TWI has now put up the fences and gates on the pedestrian routes into Granta Park, as noted in a previous news item. In addition, Bancroft Farm has erected a fence with a gate on the 'coach road' at the other side of Sluice Wood. 

These matters were discussed at a meeting in a rather full hall at the Abington Institute on Monday evening. This is reported in the Cambridge News today. The closure of the Bourn Bridge Road entrance, even to employees, was of particular concern, as it is a safer route than Newmarket Road for pedestrians and cyclists.

The news item shows that the Pampisford Road entrance is in fact closed at present, but it is understood that this is temporary while landscaping is in progress.


We would like to remind everyone that this is a very sensitive time! Any employees from Granta Park who are running through the village (village or land settlement alike) are doing so on public rights of way. The roads in the land settlement are not public highways but anyone has the right to walk on them and they are shown as public footpaths on the OS maps. 

PLEASE do not vent your frustration on employees from Granta Park - some of them live in the village too! Very few of them were personally involved in the decision. Verbal abuse is not acceptable and will only make things worse for our chances of regaining access to the permissive footpaths in Granta Park. As for the person who has chucked dog excrement over the fence into Granta Park, please remember that this is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated.

Last updated on 16 August 2017.