Granta Park Access - October 2017 update

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Abington 10K and Fun Run on 1st October went off well. Granta Park was open on this day as promised, and exceptionally additional unobtrusive security measures meant that access was available from the village.

Access to Granta Park should now be available to Abington residents, via the main entrance gatehouse on Newmarket Road. 

  • Visitors report to the main entrance and the guard will take a note of their name, telephone number and the time they enter. 
  • They will then be issued with a visitors pass and a map showing the areas, in red, that they are permitted access to.
  • They are asked to hand their visitors pass back in to security when they leave, who will then take a note of the time they leave.

Security staff have complete control on who is allowed on the park and can reject any individual at any point for any reason. This is to ensure the protection of assets on the park.

Please note that anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult. No skate boards will be allowed on the park. 

We understand that those who use the nursery have already been provided with the gate access instructions in order to access the Park via the footpath.
The Granta Park Fitness and Wellbeing Centre operated by Nuffield Health will open in the New Year. Nuffield has agreed that in these special circumstances it will open up membership privileges outside the business park to the Abington communities. Membership will be at rates set by Nuffield and representatives will probably visit the village soon to spread the word.

Last updated on 12 October 2017.