Granta Park Access

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bernie and Peter, chairmen of the Abington parish councils, met in January with both BioMed Realty and TWI, the landowners at Granta Park, and then in February with Nuffield Health, who are managing the fitness and wellness centre at the Apiary[1]. We also met with Bidwells, who are managing agents for the whole of Granta Park.
Our objective was to clarify the situation on access to the site by Abington residents. All village residents are welcome to visit but must collect a visitor pass from the main gate. Granta Park employees and some others, such as nursery customers, also have access via pedestrian entrances.
There is a new very high specification gym at the Apiary, which has very recently been opened to employee subscribers. In view of the evolving usage patterns and completion status, they cannot yet commit to dates for village use – but they are keen as they want to make it a success! The Discovery café has closed, and a new, larger dining facility has opened in the Apiary and remains open to all visitors.
We have kept in touch since these meetings and are still hoping for concessions on the pedestrian entrances for all village residents. We have also been in contact with Bancroft Park Farm and their agents Cheffins about re-opening the pedestrian entrance from Bourn Bridge Road.
One point to note is a comment from TWI about welcome effects of the closure, in addition to improved security:
  • Intrusions by small numbers of youths to potentially dangerous places, for activities such as skate-boarding, have dropped to zero.
  • Complaints from park users relating to dog fouling have also dropped to zero.

Here is the full statement agreed with BioMed and TWI.

[1] The Apiary is the new building/amenity centre on Granta Park that houses both the fitness centre and the restaurant

Last updated on 09 July 2018.