Local Highways Improvements - Input requested

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Every year parish councils have an opportunity to apply to the County Council for Local Highways Improvements.  These are schemes of a value of up to £15,000 and the Parish Council is expected to contribute at least 10% of the final cost.  The invitation to bid has been published.  It closes on 4 August so time is short but Little Abington Parish Council would welcome any suggestions and input to work up potential schemes from residents.
In previous years there has been some success with getting 50 mph speed limits (instead of 60 mph) on the old A11 /Newmarket Road and Bourn Bridge Road and improving safety at the Hildersham/Pampisford road junction on the A1307.  Last year’s bid for speed reduction (the white gates) in Bourn Bridge Road and “children” signs at Ivan Clarks Corner was not successful but the parish council decided to fund both schemes itself.
Projects need to address persistent highways problems or road safety hazards and have  demonstrable benefits and local community support. They can cover parking, speeding, cycling, walking, road crossings, upgrades.
If you have any ideas do let the Parish Clerk know before Friday 12 July. clerk@littleabington.clara.co.uk

Last updated on 03 July 2019.